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Instrumental de ótima qualidade, são as mesmas músicas do jogo.
Guilty Gear XXTrack List:
01.: Feedback
02.: Noon Tide
03.: Keep Yourself Alive Ii
04.: Holy Orders (Be Just Or Be Dead)
05.: Blue Water Blue Sky
06.: Writhe In Pain
07.: Feel The Fear
08.: Burly Heart
09.: Suck A Sage
10.: Original
11.: Make Oneself
12.: Momentary Life
13.: Japanese Title
14.: Solitude That Asks Nothing In Return
15.: Liquor Bar & Drunken
16.: Babel Nose
17.: Bloodstained Lineage
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01.: Awe Of She
02.: Simple Life
03.: Haven’t You Got Eyes In Your Head?
04.: Good Manners & Customs
05.: Japanese Title
06.: Nothing Out Of The Ordinary
07.: Existence
08.: Midnight Carnival
09.: Till Next Time
10.: Boom Town Blues
11.: Missing12.: D.O.A.
13.: Vs14.: Go For It!

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